I'm developing a children's book about building self-awareness as it relates to knowing their ancestral roots as original people. I guess you could also describe it as teaching emotional intelligence to children. Anyhow, are there any illustrators or artists in the xitribe that would like to work with me on a worthwhile project to help our children? If so, please inbox me? Peace, Love and Light~ Adelohosgi (pronounced Ah-day-low-ho-ski) :-)
@xitribe you Familiar with this new information regarding our location data being sold to bounty hunters, by T-mobile, AT&T, Sprint? Perhaps this is another tool to attack us without the majority being aware. Check the link out.
Here In my city of Minneapolis I work with Teenage youths of colors mostly Indigenous Black Kids. The Recreation Center I work for is looking to add a new program that will keep the youth Interested in our program. Are there any recommendations from any programs alike around the country that has worked well?
Adelohosgi Agatahnai: Hi Jaishad, I'm just now seeing your post today, Feb 1, 2019. I can do a bit of research and see what I can come up with. There's lots of programs for the youth in Oakland, CA and the Bay Area. I'll tap my resources and get back with you. Until then, continued success~ Peace