Peace family.... I haven’t logged on in a while...considering what’s going on just want to stay connected.
Peace family. Looking to meet people and network.
Kellog Lark: Peace 👑
Adelohosgi Agatahnai: Mezamerica, how are you doing? So wonderful to "meet" you! Welcome to the tribe!
Adelohosgi Agatahnai: MezAmerica, in which state are you located? I'm in California, it would be awesome if you were here too~And since you're looking to network, what in particular are you looking to incorporate into your personal network? Feel free to DM me. I'm interested in networking and sharing information also. Peace to you and your family.
Jennine DeLane: Greetings Sis!
Karen Baber: Greetings everyone...I’m just logging back’s been a while.