Part 4
Now it is being taught to those who are wise enough to learn it. This skill, when mastered can pay the reparations we so deserve 1000 times over. Using this skill strategically and collectively we can set ourselves and our nation on the page of being truly self sustaining. If you want to know what this skill is and how to learn it then reply Xi-Reparations.
Mario Shade: Xi- Reparations
Part 3
Well a couple of years ago I started to learn a skill that has been hidden to majority of the world. This skill was taught to the elite of the world.
Part 2
Being a part of ARNA we are being taught about who we are and what we had. We are also being taught to set ourselves up for self reparations through entrepreneurship. I understand oh so well accomplishing this takes money and skill.
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Part 1
Quarantine Shenanigans

As I sit home turning such a time as this I am watching the words and actions of those around us. What I have come to understand is those of us who have taken the steps to begin regaining what was stolen from our ancestors in the past.
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I have searched for a place where we matter to each other as a people uniting! Love being here!
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