Part 2b
2. ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT, For the next 7 days, at sunrise or preferably at solar noon, we simultaneously purpose our meditation for continued strength and perseverance for our Chief and his leadership. (Solar noon is the exact midway between sunrise and sunset in your time zone. If you’re unsure, you can consult for your location. Solar noon will be the meridian.)
Part 2a
1. READ THE PROTOCOL MANUAL. Then read Chief’s books. There is an abundance of information that would alleviate many of our questions. We have the time.
Part 5
Let us not undermine our abilities to collectively invoke this power from wherever we may be and, by this request, to direct it to the source of our knowledge, the creator of our tribal family, our family “messenger”.
WE NEED HIM. If you disagree, renounce your national status.

Peace Family ❤️🌞 ❤️🌞❤️🌞❤️
Part 4
Please Share and participate. Our power is in numbers and in utilizing our natural laws. We all came here because we recognize the need for change and if we have learned anything, we should recognize the power we have to create the change.
Part 3
3. Lastly, let’s continue to actively guide all family members to our XiTribe page. This may become necessary in the near future for communication.

See Part 4
Part1 Greetings Xi Family!!

(Because XiTribe posts are limited to 500 characters, this message will be posted in parts.) Six Parts 1-5
Greetings Family!! Excited about this site and the direction we are headed in!
Crystin X: Many things are in the making as we come together!